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pdf 01/2010_Russian_Profile Hans-Josef Fell Beliebt

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CV Hans-Josef Fell in Russian


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Interview zu globalen Entwicklungsmöglichkeiten erneuerbarer Energien im UNESCO-Magazin "Energy Bulletin" (rus)

pdf 02/2013_Russian_Немецкая эн ергетическая револ юция Beliebt

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EB-14 Rus [Light].pdf

Russian: Немецкая эн ергетическая револ юция

pdf 04/2011_Russian_Первые соображения относительно выводов из анализа аварии на АЭС в Фукусиме Beliebt

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Russian: Первые соображения относительно выводов из анализа аварии на АЭС в Фукусиме

pdf 07/2012_Russian_Book Flyer Global Cooling Beliebt

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Flyer russisch.pdf

Book Flyer Global Cooling in Russian language.

pdf 07/2012_Russian_Глобальное охлаждение Beliebt

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Глобальное охлаждение.pdf

Russian: Глобальное охлаждение

pdf 10/2012_Russian_PPP in Astana Beliebt

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Russian PPP in Astana.pdf

Russian: PPP in Astana

pdf 10/2012_Russian_Vortrag Astana Beliebt

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presentation in russian lang.pdf

pdf 11/2012_Russian_Atommüllexport Beliebt

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pdf 11/2012_Russian_Atomtransport Beliebt

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Energy Watch Group (EWG)

Energy Watch Group (EWG) is an international network of scientists and parliamentarians. The EWG conducts research and publishes independent studies and analyses on global energy developments. Our mission is to provide energy policy with objective information.

Go 100% Renewable Energy

Global 100% RE
Hans-Josef Fell acts as an ambassador for Global 100%RE, the first global initiative that advocates 100% renewable energy. The goal is to initiate dialogue about 100% RE, build capacity and educate policymakers about the opportunities, case studies and stories that are happening all over the world.


Global Cooling